How to indentify and get out of botted Spotify playlists
How to Identify and Get Out of Botted Spotify Playlists:
A Guide to Authentic Music Promotion
September 28, 2023
In the ever-evolving world of digital music, platforms like Spotify have revolutionized the way we discover and enjoy songs. With millions of playlists at our fingertips, music enthusiasts can explore a vast array of genres and artists. However, amidst this musical treasure trove, there's a growing concern: the presence of fake, botted Spotify playlists. These playlists may seem appealing but can harm your music career by inflating your stream counts artificially. In this article, we'll guide you on how to identify if a Spotify playlist is botted and fake and, more importantly, how to navigate your way into genuine playlists to boost your music career.
Unveiling the Bot Dilemma
What Are Botted Spotify Playlists?
Spotify playlists are an essential part of the platform's ecosystem, as they curate and promote music to listeners. However, some unscrupulous individuals use bots to create fake playlists. These bots artificially inflate the number of streams and followers for the songs on the playlist, misleading artists and record labels into believing their music is more popular than it actually is.
The Consequences of Botted Playlists
Falling victim to botted playlists can be detrimental to your music career. It not only provides a false sense of success but also wastes your valuable time and resources. It can lead to many consequences, such as deleting the artist's account, killing the artist's algorithm, and skewing their data, making them look suspect. As a serious artist or music promoter, it's crucial to distinguish between genuine playlists and botted ones.
Bots listening to your music.
Identifying Botted Spotify Playlists
Analyze the Playlist's Engagement
Genuine playlists have active and engaged listeners who listen to the playlists. Look for these signs of authenticity:
  • Check if the playlists appears on the discovered on section on artists profiles.
  • Regular updates of the playlists.
  • A reasonable growth rate of followers over time.
Scrutinize the Playlist's Curator
A legitimate playlist often has a dedicated curator who is passionate about the music they promote. Check the curator's profile and track record. Beware of playlists curated by faceless accounts or those with little activity.
Track Stream-to-Follower Ratio
An abnormally high stream count compared to the number of followers is a red flag. While popular songs can have more streams than followers, a vast disparity between the two metrics suggests foul play.
Research Playlist History
Check the followers history of the playlist to see if it has unreasonable spikes and drops in followers it’s a red-flag that the playlist is probably botted. You can use tools like like, is it a good playlist or Spot on Track to research the history and authenticity of playlists on Spotify. We also use them. Legitimate playlists tend to have an organic followers growth including a lot of trending songs. If the playlist contains only unknown tracks it’s probably fake.
Get out of botted playlists
Escaping Botted Playlists
Disconnect from Fake Playlists
If you discover that your music is featured in a botted playlist, it's essential to remove it promptly. This can be done by contacting Spotify's support and providing evidence of the playlist's illegitimacy. You can also try to contact the curator yourself and ask them to remove it. You can try to find the curator on Google or Social Media and get in touch with them.
Partner with Authentic Curators
Build relationships with genuine playlist curators who appreciate your music. You can reach out to them through social media, email, or platforms like SubmitHub. Authentic curators can help you reach a broader audience organically.
Utilize Tracks To The Max for Genuine Promotion
At Tracks To The Max, we understand the importance of authentic music promotion. Our platform connects artists with real playlist curators who can give your music the exposure it deserves. By using our services, you can escape the pitfalls of fake playlists and pave your way to success.
In the world of digital music, distinguishing between genuine playlists and botted ones is crucial for artists and music promoters. Falling victim to fake playlists can hinder your career and misrepresent your success. By following the tips provided in this article, you can identify and escape botted Spotify playlists while finding authentic opportunities to promote your music.
How can I report a fake Spotify playlist?
You can report fake playlists to Spotify's For Artists support team. Provide them with evidence of the playlist's suspicious activity, and they will investigate.
Is it common for artists to fall into the bot playlist trap?
Unfortunately, yes. Many emerging artists unknowingly get caught up in botted playlists, which can harm their reputation and career. Unlike a lot of other Music PR companies, we deliver only real music promotion. We investigate all playlist we work with on authenticity.
How do I know if Tracks To The Max is legitimate?
Tracks To The Max has a proven track record of connecting artists with authentic playlist curators. You can research our services and read testimonials from satisfied clients. We have a 4.7 Star-Rating on Trustpilot and helped over 10.000+ artists grow their music.
What are the benefits of genuine playlist promotion?
Genuine playlist promotion helps your music reach real listeners who are more likely to become long-term fans. It also builds your credibility as an artist.
Don't let fake playlists distort your music career. Stay vigilant, connect with authentic curators, and use trusted platforms like Tracks To The Max to boost your music's reach.
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