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Excellent Service

I'm working together with TTTM for 2 years now. They really helped me getting attention on Spotify and Soundcloud! 

100% real and organic audience! This is great! 

Really High Quality Ghost Productions 🚀

I've used TTTM now for more than 5 ghost productions. They deliver a really good service! Fast and transparant communication!

They providing the mix and master, stems, project file and even the midi when you order a ghost productions! I definitely recommend them! 

I'm really happy with the services from TTTM

I'm working with this company for 2 years! Really happy with the results I'm getting


Check out our FAQ if you have any more questions ;) If your question is not there. Please Contact us via E-Mail or via Facebook Messenger.


We’ve helped more than 3000+ Musicans. With more than 5 Years of Experience we know exactly how to promote your music in the right way! We've worked with major labels & artists to grow their music.


We are always looking for brand new idea's and content. If you are a producer, artists, manager or designer! Feel free to contact us with your idea's! We would love to work together! 

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