Essential Tips for a Successful 
Spotify Music Release
Essential Tips for a Successful
Spotify Music Release
April 8, 2024
You've uploaded your music to a distributor and are gearing up for its release on Spotify. While you wait, here's a comprehensive checklist to optimize its performance.
Spotify has a lot of know-how in getting music ready for its global streaming debut. They've given artists 11 useful tips to grow their audience before and after their new release, plus a checklist for putting out music. You can use these tips not just for Spotify, but also for other big streaming platforms and online stores.
Make sure to choose a release date that gives you enough time to use Spotify's tips. Good luck!
9. Monitor Real-Time Streams
1. Pitch Your Release for Playlist Consideration
Getting on Spotify's editorial playlists can really ramp up your streams and followers. In 2023, more than 350,000 artists got featured. Remember to send in your pitch at least one week before your release.
Besides Spotify's own editorial you can also pitch your music to third-party playlist curators. You can use websites likes SubmitHub, Groover or Tracks To The Max to send your music to Spotify Curators.
2. Make Your Song Pop with Canvas
Use Spotify Canvas to bring your music to life. Add moving pictures to your song to grab your listeners' attention. This makes their experience better by appealing to both their ears and eyes.
When people play your song, they'll be drawn in by the images that move with your music. This creates a lasting impression of your work.
5. Promote Your Merchandise
3. Update Your Artist Profile
To engage fans, maintain a fresh artist image and a biography that highlights your unique journey and traits.
Link your social media to connect across platforms and include a Fan Support link for direct contributions, strengthening your fan relationship.
Share inspiring playlists and collaborations on your page to show dedication to your craft and build a personal brand that resonates globally.
4. Grow Your Spotify Followers
Focus your online ads on getting people to your Spotify page. There, they can check out all your songs and follow you. Your followers will see your new music in their Release Radar and What's New feeds.
3. Update Your Artist Profile
5. Promote Your Merchandise
Use Spotify to sell your merch right away. Most clicks on merch happen in the first 24 days after a release. Show up to three items with Shopify. Link them to your music on Spotify for Artists.
6. Explore Marquee or Audio Ad Campaigns
Consider running Marquee or audio ad campaigns on Spotify to target users who have engaged with your music previously. These campaigns can effectively promote your new releases to a relevant audience.
7. Update Your Artist Pick
Highlight specific content on your profile using Artist Picks to grab users' attention immediately upon visiting your profile. Personalize the Pick with text and showcase upcoming shows, songs, albums, or collaborations.
2. Make Your Song Pop with Canvas
8. Share Your Music on Social Media
Extend your reach by sharing your music across various social media platforms and linking back to your Spotify profile. Utilize Spotify's sharing features within the app to instantly share on Instagram Stories, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and messaging platforms.
9. Monitor Real-Time Streams
Track your streaming data closely in the first week post-release to gauge performance and adjust promotional strategies accordingly. Use the Spotify for Artists mobile app to access real-time stats and insights.
Pitch Your Release for Playlist Consideration
10. Utilize Spotify for Artists Resources
Tap into Spotify's array of resources designed to support artists in achieving successful releases. Explore the In Focus microsite, The Game Plan video series, Best Advice podcast, How They Made It video series, and Co.Lab events for valuable industry insights.
11. Maintain Confidence
Above all, maintain confidence in your music journey. Stay committed, make informed promotional decisions, and trust that persistence will yield results over time. Remember, success may take time, so stay positive and focused on your goals. If you are looking for help to promote your music on Spotify feel free to reach out to us or check out our Spotify Promotion service.
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