Custom Ghost Production

Professional Ghost Productions and custom made Ghost Productions

All Productions are made in a professional studio with high end gear and software, and we also Mix and Master every production without any algorithmic software or program.

Especially for you with a huge passion for music.

Let’s get your music to the next level.

We have done 100+ Ghost Productions, Mix & Masters in last couple of years.
We have Years of Experience! We can make Custom Music. We stand for Quality not Quantity. Complete Anonymity. Flexibility. Passion for Music.
Quality is Key. The Way To Success!

We can help you with all the aspects of the music you wanna or already making. We can finish your project, only Mix or Master. But we can also start with a custom ghost production. We are working with a big team of different producers. So we can provide you with any style you like.


Starting from 299,99 euro’s

Contact us for pricing on Instrumental Music & Hip Hop Beats.

How to contact us for Ghost Production?

- Send us an e-mail via
- We will react to your e-mail within 48h
- Please provide us in your e-mail with as many information as you can:
- Genre, BPM, Key
- Please add a minimum of 2 reference track
- The producer will start with your custom ghost production and will send you demo
- You will have two free revisions on the custom production, every further revision will cost.
- After the production is finished and you payed for the track you receive:
- A mixed and a mastered file (-6dbwav, 16 bit, 44.1 kHz stems)
- A minimum of 30 stems
- On request and for a higher price of the end product we will send you the full DAW Project as .zip file

What do you get?

You will get the mixed WAV file + the mastered WAV file.

We can also deliver the instrumental mastered or mastered stems for extra costs.

On request and for a higher price of the end product we will send you the full DAW Project as .zip file

Further Information:

All productions services need to be paid before delivering final files.

Production services will be delivered in 2-4 working days

Our production services are competitive for all the DSPs.

Interested or Questions?

Contact us via mail or the form on our contact page. We will reply within 48 hours to your e-mail to set up your personal campaign. For prices and more information please connect us via e-mail aswell.

Our e-mail:
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