Branding Bundle


Cover Art + Logo/Symbool + Website + Banners + Personal Advise

Branding is one of the most essential things as an artist nowadays.

It´s crucial for you to know that not only your music and production skills will get you signed or recognized by people, it´s also about building a brand and getting people to follow you and your path as an artist.

Today there is much competition between artists in the EDM scene, so let us help you to stand out and be unique to build your own brand as an artist.

Over the years we gathered a lot of experience and knowledge about building brands as artists in the EDM scene and we know what is working and what not.


With our brandnew Branding Bundle we will provide you with a unique and especially for you designed Logo/ Symbol, Social Media & Soundcloud Banners, professional cover art design, a website and some personal advice for your next steps and ongoing career!


Get in touch with us and we will help you to create a full package of branding tools to get your career as an artist to the Max!

Interested ?

Contact us via mail or the form on our contact page. We will reply within 48 hours to your e-mail to set up your personal branding. For prices and more information please connect us via e-mail aswell.

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