In the last 5 years we've helped more than 5000+ artists to reach their goals & dreams. Besides the one time promotion on the digital music marketing we provide. We also work with a lot of artists on a long term-partnership. We helped them with Logo's, Graphics, Branding, Social Media Growth, DJ Promo, Label negotiation, mixing & mastering & many more! Some of them have been growing a lot in the past years. Which results in releases on the labels below. 🔥

📇 If you are serious about taking your music to the next level. Feel free to contact us. We can help you. With more than 5 Years of Experience we know exactly how to promote your music in the right way! We've worked with major labels & artists to grow their music and can't wait to help you out. 


Content is King. Let's get your brand to the next level! :)


'We know what to do to get you noticed. With 5 years of experience in the Music Industry'


We can provide you with:

Cover Art Design

Banner Design

Custom Lyric Video’s 

Website Design

Logo's Design

DJ Promotion

 Label Negotiation

Social Media Growth (Instagram Giveaways)

Facebook & Instagram Advertisement

TikTok Campaigns

 Contact us if you have interest in any of the services above. We can setup a custom plan!

⚠️ 📀 Let Us Help You To Get The Attention Your Deserve! Contact:



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